Sex Swing Positions That Really Work

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Raise your hands – who has a sex swing and they are running out of positions to try? Well, maybe there aren’t all too many of you. Out of the crew here at Adam and Eve, none of us possess a sex swing in our own homes. (I know – gasp!) Consequently, we set one up at work and got a few of our adventurous members involving staff to stage positions that will work in the bedroom just to see how it works out. We must say, though, one lucky employee has now brought that home with them to try out with her husband. (Good luck, Lucy!!) Here is a list of the positions we got ourselves into. We’d love to hear from you, either here or on Twitter, about your own adventures with sex swings!

For the ‘experimentation’, we used your aptly named Love Move.

Suspended Oral Sex – Partner one lays on the back underneath the move setup. Partner two dangles themselves down and performs verbal sex on partner one while suspended inside air. We all agreed this would be much easier if Partner one has a penis, since holding onto it will prevent a lot of movement. The other issue being that when the one laying down on to the floor has a pussy she’d like to have licked, she’d ought to position her hips upward to obtain her body in a great optimal position. We also went this reverse route – with the partner who is on the floor performing oral sex in the suspended partner. This was less of a challenge to do, but checklist flying-trapeze like.

Standing Penetration – Partner one is hooked up into the swing. Partner two stands near them and will the penetration. We were able to get a decent rhythm going as long as the standing partner was holding onto the partner in that swing. We did have a try with some hands-off mock-thrusting, but it ended up with the partner two swinging a round being a piñata. The only worry we had with this is our swing was rated to hold on to 300lbs. Our staff averaged available 150-200lbs, so we worried about the standing partner keeping the framework or that swing itself. As long as they weren’t putting too much of their own weight into the swing, we felt pretty safe – especially when the one in the swing itself was in the lower end of the weight scale.

Double Swinging – There were two of our rather waif-like workers (each weighing lower than 150lbs) get in the swing together. This was easiest to achieve with among the list of partners hooked into the straps, with the other resting on top of them. Getting actual movement was a bit difficult without straining anyone. We agreed that this position is better for tantric sex, or would work out if the un-harnessed partner could win back their feet to the floor to steady themselves.

What creative positions do you have yourselves into during your sex swing play?

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